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One of the most popular, easiest and fastest cosmetic dental procedures to improve the aesthetics of your smile is teeth whitening.

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most popular and quickest cosmetic dentalprocedure to improve the aesthetics of your smile. It is a minimally invasive process with little discomfort. Though completely white teeth may not be possible in all cases, the existing shade of the teeth could be lightened considerably.

Why should I whiten my teeth?

Teeth turn more yellow as part of the aging process. For some, teeth get stained because of the food and drinks that they consume, such as tea, coffee, and red wine. Smoking can also cause your teeth to yellow. Certain medications, dental conditions such as fluorosis and fractures also cause discolouration. If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, teeth whitening may be a suitable option to help improve the appearance of your smile.

What about home whitening kits?

Using whitening kits at home must be done with care and caution. Some home whitening kits have been found to contain acids and abrasives. Unless and until recommended by your dentist, avoid starting any treatment at home. If you’re looking for safe, reliableteeth whitening in Calgary, London Heritage Dental offers a full range of treatments, including in-office laser teeth whitening and at-home treatments.

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